Skalarki Triple Brake

Received this in the mail –

Skalarki Triple Brake Pressure Gauge on the right, FDS on the left for comparison. 

The FDS MIP has a non functional triple gauge replica and the Skalarki version is a working replica with servo motors (the next best thing). 

Unfortunately the Skalarki does not fit perfectly into the MIP 

Skalarki triple gauge is on the right. FDS bezel on the left. Notice the difference in thickness. 

Fortunately I was able to retrofit the FDS bezel on top of the Skalarki gauge. Now one big happy family!

2 thoughts on “Skalarki Triple Brake

  1. Why not ask about functional options? We don’t always build in full function on every device. In our ADV product levels we offer high levels of functionality. The question is always about requirments. What is really important..
    Not sure we find this article accurate
    Peter Cos
    Flightdeck Solutions

    • Hi Peter,

      I did not know FDS produces a functioning Triple Pressure Gauge. I will be in touch soon to discuss the simulator needs.



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