A320 FMGS B46

Now released and available for download! It has been several months since the last beta. This update is huge!
Thank you JL.
From the mycockpit support forum:
or use the auto udpater.

What’s new:

-Completely reworked LNAV and VNAV. MCDU predictions should be much better, as well as DES computations and tracking.

-Reworked the RNAV approaches.

-Completely reworked ND route display.

-Reworked flight model.

-Reworked many FMA modes arming/engaging

-Corrected FSUIPC Mode C bug with IVAP/vPilot

-Sovled many FPLN entry/revision bugs
-Added a direct sim1.dll fuel flow and friction fix (in a FSX/P3D addon module called simpatcher.dll, you must allow this module to run). You do not need FSUIPC for the friction fix.

-Added engine and airframe icing simulation. Icing is detected only when you use AS16 or ASN (I do not trust the FSX/P3D icing model). The effect will be maximum N1 reduction (to simulate lower thrust, this may change on future implemntation), and a revolutionnary technique to reduce lift/increase drag (this techinque is not used by anyone else yet, as far as I know. It directly works on the coefficient of lift/drag of the model, not a simulated wright addition or spoilers extension).

-Solved some hardware trim issues

-Reworked spoilers system (smoother effect, less abrupt when only small amount of spoilers are out)

-Added ISIS initialisation sequence.

-Reworked ISIS speed/altitude tape font size

-Added software interface panels for : THR LVR, SPLRs, FLAPS, ACPs, LDG GEAR.

-Corrected some issues in EHID modules, and added individual calibration features for all potentiometers.

-Corrected a few ECAM warnings which were not correct

-Corrected an issue with some lower overhead variables in SIOC module overwriting other variables.

-Added joystick POV buttons support. Those will work only on momentary buttons (i.e. not on toggle switches like lights)
-Added sound for AP solenoid engagement (same sound for now as the relay clacking, but the sound file can be changed later for a better sound, if anyone can provide it).
-Implemented a better magnetic variation model inside the software. This should improve accuracy on procedures (coherent A/C hdg as on the charts as well are better aligned LOC on some airports). This should mean you do not have to update the FSX/P3D magnetic model anymore (at least not for my software).
-Reworked installer package. Particularly, added an option to run FSX/P3D on a remote PC from FMGS server (seems to help reduce FPS hit in some cases)

-Better engine out handling (rudder trim, flight model, etc…)

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