FS-Flight Control now with FMGS support

Update (20/12/2022)FS-Flight Control is now directly integrated into ProSim; there is no additional support with Jeehell FMGS; and as some users have reported, failure triggering. 

The following information is outdated and FS-Flight Control is no longer recommended for use with Jeehell FMGS.

I have just received word from the author of FS-Flight that their excellent instructor station now has Jeehell FMGS support (failures).



FS-FlightControl Failure Page (this is for the F1 Cessna Mustang1

I will not go into detail with the program because Flaps2Approach has done a comprehensive review.

FMGS does not come with an instructor station which allows you to perform behind the scene essential functions for the aircraft such as refueling, pushback and failures. FS-Flight is an option to fill that space.

You can download the program and trial it for 14 days.

3 thoughts on “FS-Flight Control now with FMGS support

  1. It looks as though Jeehell support has now been dropped with the latest version. I guess that leaves space for Jean-Luc for his own instructor station in 2019…?


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