Flight Sound X

The Flight Sound X aviation headset adapter came in today; completely plug and play and was working with the flight simulator and headset within a few seconds.


With the headset you can use real aviation headset equipment with your PC. I am using genuine Telex 750 headsets without a hitch, and are they comfortable!

I won’t go into too much detail with the adapter because Flaps2Approach has again written an excellent review.

The challenge now is attempting to interface the headset with the Intercom application written by JL for use with FMGS.

To work with online ATC, vPilot (Vatsim) and the Intercom application will have to play nicely.


One thought on “Flight Sound X

  1. I have the same headset and flight sound x, and the sound is not like in the cockpit. just with other headset. one flightline, helicopter hedset..


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