Instructor Station by Luis Gordo Features

Luis Gordo

The features listed described below are purely related with Jeehell FMGS, but Instructor Station is capable also of the following (quick summary): control of computer network (remote start, stop and restart), set position relative to runway, navigation aid, parking gates, or by drag & drop on Map, set autopilot parameters automatically when repositioning, access real-world airport charts, approach charts, etc., pre-set scenarios, ground services (open/close doors, jetways, fuel truck), pushback controls, scenario creator, slew controls, total environment control, including quick-set buttons & real-world METAR download, Fuel & Load input to aircraft tanks, fuel planner calculators and weight & balance calculators (set weights as well), remote autopilot control, remote radios control, custom key-presses, full Flight Data Recorder, with a plethora of options to analyze data (data plots, approach plots, PDF reports, Google-Earth visualization, etc.), complete failure engine (triggered by time, speed, altitude or any combinations), ATC engine, custom cabin announcements, Hold pattern calculator and visualization, traffic threats, MAP engine and full external simulator control (views, zoom, Instant Replay, sounds on/off, etc.).

To enable related features, the user selects JeeHell FMGS on the Main page:



Jeehell FMGS-related Features:

  • FCU parameters (speed, heading, altitude, AP1 and A/THR) can be remotely set at any time.  This is accomplished by pressing the “FCU Set” button, which will transfer the parameters shown on the “Position in Sim” boxes to the simulator.


  • Several Ground services are available: EXT PWR, GND HP, STOW RAT, LDG ELEV AUTO


  • “AUTO Start-Up Sequence”: this feature takes the aircraft from a Cold & Dark state to an engines running, and MCDU ready, in very little time.  The sequence can be triggered as a “whole”, or the following individual actions can be triggered:
    • “SYSTEMS set for Start-Up”: Connects the ACFT to EXT PWR, Starts the APU, sets the ADIRS, turns the fuel pumps on, batteries on, etc. – all automatically with a click of a button!
    • “MCDU Quick-Set” this accomplishes the following on the MCDU: sets the FROM/TO fields to the airfield shown in the black input box, and enters Cost Index, FL, Aligns IRS, enters ZFW/CG and Block Fuel, calculates and inputs V1, Vr and V2 according to a Flaps 1 takeoff and aircraft weight, enters Flaps 1 for take-off.
    • “ENGINES START”: Automatically turns on both engines 1 & 2.


  • Under ‘CONTROLS’, the user can find some Jeehell FMGS controls, intended to be an alternative to cockpit input, in case a physical control is not working, is not available or if the instructor wishes to set it remotely. A limited amount of funcitons are available, but more will come: Flaps Up/Down, Arm Gnd Spoilers, FO Terr on ND, Master Warn & Master Caution.01a_quickstart
  • FAILURES: The following Jeehell-specific failures are available, along with many other general ones which can be triggered by Instructor Station (like surface controls or flaps stuck, etc.):
    • ENGINES: Fire, Power Loss, Fail, Reverse Fail.
    • ELECTRICAL: APU Gen, Galley, BAT1, BAT2, GEN ENG1, GEN ENG2.
    • AIR COND: Pack 1, Pack2, ENG1 Bleed, ENG2 Bleed, APU Bleed.
    • APU: APU Fire, APU Fail.
    • HYDRAULIC: ENG1 Pump, ELEC Pump, ENG2 Pump, ELEC Pump, PTU.
    • FUEL: Leaks on Left, Right and Center tanks, failure of individual pumps.
    • FLT CTL: failures of the following computers/systems: ELAC1, ELAC2, SEC1, SEC2, SEC3, FAC1, FAC2.
    • ADIRS: IR1/2/3, ADR1/2/3
    • MISC: A/SKD and N/W STRG, Cabin Press Loss.


Instructor Station

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