Sidestick Pinouts

Thank you to Simon and Volker for the help determining the solenoid pin outs. Polarity matters in this case.

Axis pin-outs which map translation movement have not been notated (Volker has now provided the pinouts for elevator – pitch and aileron – roll input) as the sidesticks I am working with do not have transducers.Transducers convert mechanical sidestick movement to an electrical system — ‘fly by wire’. On the Airbus, transducers are also used for the throttle levers.

Sidestick solenoid logic implementation can be found here.


Captain Sidestick Pinouts

AutoPilot Disconnect S/B
Solenoid h+/g- (do not make a mistake with the polarity or you’ll see sparks fly!)

Push To Talk L/M

Pitch: K (5V), L (Gnd), M (x)
Roll: N (5V), D (Gnd), O (x)

First Officer Sidestick Pinouts

Push to Talk J/K

Pitch: K (5V), L (Gnd), M (x)
Roll: N (5V), D (Gnd), O (x)

Solenoid h+/g-

AutoPilot Disconnect H/K



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