And then there was a platform…

Over the last few days a platform was constructed for the simulator. This was a necessity because the genuine pedestal does not sit flat on the ground. The trim wheels connect to chain which drive a shaft below the pedestal floor.

After some measurements it was determined the platform needs to raise the pedestal (and MIP) at least 20 cm. However after some discussion with some fellow cockpit builders it was decided to raise it 30 cm to give enough room for a pedal and rudder mechanism if this was to be implemented in the future.

Initially the platform was to be made out of aluminium profiles (“T-slots”) however they are expensive –  raw material wood could be purchased at half the cost. Wheels with brakes were used to ensure the platform could move when needed but also be usable as a stable base when stationary.


The sidestick and tiller stage holding still need to be designed and made.

Tile carpeting will have to cut and glued on and the sides of the platform will be painted to match the Airbus color paint scheme.


Looking more and more like an Airbus Cockpit

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