A paint and carpet job

You didn’t think I would leave the flight deck unpainted and without carpet did you?

The last few days paint from the local hardware store was applied to the sides of the platform to give it more of an Airbus color feel. “Deep Ocean” looked acceptable.

Tile carpet was used because of its affordability and ease of use. They are usually sold in 0.5 x 0.5 m and can be cut to shape with a razor blade.

Airbus carpet comes in many different designs and color so I decided to stick with their standard blue.


Doesn’t look too bad at all for a novice builder. 

The patterns of the carpet on the A320 aircraft are layered down horizontally, and orientation was also matched precisely on the platform.

Original Airbus carpet shown on the left (Source: A320 cockpit virtual vist), and close up of the recently installed carpet.

The tile carpet will eventually be glued or stuck down with double sided carpet tape to minimize any movement.

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