Flight Experience, Kuala Lumpur 

Flight experience is a well known commercial franchise that allows the general public to have an opportunity behind a Boeing 737 NG simulator. They can be found in big cities around the world – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuwait, Paris, Boston, Beijing, Chengdu, Kuala Lumpur. According to their website they will soon be opening stores in more countries.

First established in New Zealand in 2010, their business has grown exponentially around the world. Simulators are built by their parent company, Pacific Simulators.

I had the opportunity to visit a few commercial store simulators around the world, including SimFlightKL (Kuala Lumpur), Sky Simulator (Kuala Lumpur), Emirates Aviation Experience (London), and Flight Experience (Sydney). The commercial simulators run by SimFlightKL and Emirates facilitate Sim-Avionics or Project Magenta software, and Flight Deck Solutions hardware. Flight Experience is the ‘Entertainment’ arm of Pacific Simulators, and as such it comes to no surprise that their simulators are manufactured by their parent company.

Pacific Simulators has several models in the market including a version 4.5 which targets commercial aviation training. Version 4.5 features Multi-Crew type training and is helpful for Jet transition (airline bridging). The Flight Experience  simulator in Sydney allows for this type of training and is a CASA approved synthetic trainer. Flight Experience Sydney runs on a commercial version of ProSim737 and their hardware (from observation) looks to be a mix of genuine and replica parts. Pacific Simulators also has a EuroJet Series based on the A320 for their European customers. These simulators are most likely running ProsimA320.

I stumbled upon Flight Experience Kuala Lumpur when visiting one of the larger mall  in the city. Established over a year ago, the shop looked sharp and clean, and staff were professional. It is really quite surprising how much less space is required for a Boeing vs Airbus setup — blame the sidesticks! Although I did not try the simulator (I have done so with many other simulators in the past) I managed to take some photos. The cockpit looks well built and sturdy; appropriate for the many thousands of hours of use by the general public. Flight Experience provides a genuine experience and must be an essential visit for those considering building a home cockpit.

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