FMGS and AMD Ryzen

If you haven’t already heard AMD will be releasing their new CPU platform Ryzen within the next few weeks. This is exciting news because for the first time in many years AMD will be going head to head with Intel. Consumers will benefit because the competition will drive prices down – word on the street is that AMD Ryzen processors will be half the cost of the equivalent Intel processors.

The latest public release of FMGS has a neat feature – it allows you to run the complete avionics suite on one computer allowing your visual generator (FSX or P3D) to run independently on a seperate computer. CPU cycles on the visual generator no longer need to be shared with Jeehell FMGS suite. There has been some success running all FMGS avionics components on an Intel 2500k processor. Communication between Jeehell FMGS and the visual generator facilitates simconnect. It has been decided the A320 simulator visuals will run on one computer – the processor undecided at this time.


At this stage if you are planning to upgrade your computer it would be wise to wait for the AMD Ryzen processor release. We could see prices drop dramatically on the Intel side, or you might even consider moving over to Red (AMD).

Complete AMD Ryzen Processor Range Leaked: 4, 6 and 8-Cores Inbound

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