Putting out the fire 🔥 

There are 35 fire panel backlight bulbs and they run at 0.06 amps — half the current of the bulbs on the other panels on the overhead. The only other panel which has backlight bulbs rated at this current is the ADIRS panel.

Unfortunately I replaced all the bulbs on the fire panel mistakenly with 0.12 amp bulbs – hot! Simon spotted my mistake immediately – total current was too high running at nearly 4 amps and the panel was getting hot to touch after a few minutes.

You do not want to burn out a genuine Airbus fire panel – they are hard to come by and expensive to replace.

The last few days I have pain stakingly replacing all 35 bulbs again, this time with the correct wattage output.

Lesson well learned. The fire panel now runs at a comfortable 2.0 amps.

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