Realism at its finest

I came across PTA (Prepar3D Tweak Assistant) and Reshade quite a while ago — however I never had the time to tweak, or play around with settings. With this software, you can modify P3D or FSX to give it a graphical edge (a more modern, or realistic look) with settings and features usually only available in recently released video games.

I’ve now come across presets for these programs, implementation courtesy of the Ultimate Realism Pack Prologue  — this takes the guess work, and many hours you may have to spend tweaking PTA and Reshade.

I had a fly through Hong Kong and Kai Tak airport on the FSL A320X with settings tweaked — the screenshots do not do them justice! If you want to give your sim a more genuine look, these shader settings are definitely worth checking out.

Here is a video which may tide you over:

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