A320 Jeehell FMGS B47.0

FMGS B47.0 has been released with many new features including weather radar, intercom functionality, and radial fix info.

Non-commercial version can be downloaded here.

More information at the FMGS forum

What’s new in B47.0:
-Added Weather Radar using Hifi’s ASN or AS16 (see below)

-Added EIS2 option (see below)

-Fixed Intercom Ext radio bug

-Fixed many FPLN and SEC FPLN little bugs (altnertate selection, procedures, etc).

-Added APU EGT moving EGT scale

-Corrected outer tank to inner tank fuek transfer rate (slower)

-Added engine anti ice valve opening timing (fault will illuminate a couple seconds).

-Added higher ground idle setting with engine anti ice on.

-Corrected ND freezes under some FPLN circumstances

-Corrected some FMA modes interactions/logic.

-Fixed AP disengaging every now and then (mainly for people using a trim wheel).

-Added RADIAL FIX INFO feature (not yet 100% complete)

-Fixed weird pushback radius

WXR radar:

1) on the “visual PC”, a folder called WXR will be created in your FMGS installation (so by default, should be c:\A320 FMGS\WXR )

2) You MUST share this folder on your local network (if the NDs are located on remote computers). Take care with access rights, passwords, etc… Please seek help/advice on computer forums if needed, I do not have the time myself to help you too much here…

3) On the client PCs you will need to select that shared folder during the installation (you will be asked that in the window where you configure the ports/IPs).

4) If you do not have any hardware for the WXR, you can set the WXR controls through the MCDU, in the MCDU MENU page

EIS2 is now available as an option, which requires manual input. You need to add the following line in the file c:\A320FMGS\FMGS Server\PERF\PA320\Aircraft.ini


(EISmodel=1 or no line will give you EIS1 displays).

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