Weather Radar Tutorial (Network)

If you are running FMGS over the network you will need to share the WXR folder in your Jeehell FMGS folder. FMGS will only write weather data information on the Visual Generator (VG) computer (the PC running P3D or FSX). You will also require Active Sky Next or Active Sky 2016.


In this setup the Flight Simulator runs on a client computer (the VG) and another computer over the network (the Server computer) runs FMGS server and the navigation panels (PFD, ND). You will be required to turn on Windows sharing and enable read access (for the purpose of this tutorial Windows 10 is used and the WXR directory is set with read and write access although JL has confirmed only read access is required on the computer running navigation panels). Passwords have been disabled to simplify the process — you may wish to specify a user that can access the folder if you are not running over a secure network.


When you install FMGS on the VG ensure you have clicked the Master FSX/P3D PC dialogue box.

P3D Visual Generator Setup.JPG

Go to Network and Sharing Center | Advance Sharing settings | Password protected sharing | Turn off password protected sharing 

Turn off password protected sharing.JPG

Right click on the WXR folder inside the FMGS folder and go to the Sharing Tab | Advance Sharing | Share this folder 

WXR folder.JPG

Next, in the Sharing tab, click on the Share… button. Type in Everyone and click Add.

Share with everyone.JPG

** Everyone MUST be able to READ and WRITE 

Run Configure.exe in the FMGS directory and Click on the WX Radar path box and select the A320 weather directory.

Configure WXR.JPG

Now on the Server computer you should be able to access your network shared folder. Using File Explorer | Network | Computer Name | WXR should be accessible with full read and write access.

Run Configure.exe on the Server computer and select the mapped WX Radar path.

** FSUIPC and other utility programs which use the ASN weather data write function can interfere with the FMGS weather radar. Make sure you disable these features. For FSUIPC look in the FSUIPC4.ini file in the Prepar3D\Modules\ directory and ensure the command line “ASNwxRadarPath=” is not present.

Now you don’t have any excuses not to avoid nasty weather! The Airbus Safety First magazine featured the weather radar which you can read about here.

14 thoughts on “Weather Radar Tutorial (Network)

  1. Hi Omni Atlas, my setup is a little different:
    1st PC: P3D, FMGS SERVER, Default shared folder WXR.
    2nd PC both NDs, WXR setting= \\SERVER_NAME\WRX (I can access this manually)

    Search for an airport with precipitation in AS16, today was SBCG somewhere in Brasil, so tilt degree is the only I can see on NDs during a litle flight there. There was 9 dat files in WXR folder in 1st PC 800KB each, but no prcpt image on NDs in 2nd PC.
    What is wrong?


  2. Hi Leonidas – have you tried the weather radar in flight (moving aircraft)? I also had some issues with the weather radar not updating with the aircraft stationary. Regards.


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  4. So I have 3 PC´s running.
    1. PC – is the VG with FMGS Server – P3D v4 – ECAM upper and lower
    2. PC as client – CPT PFD/ ND/ MCDU
    3. Laptop as client – there is installed ASP4/ASCA/ProatcX/PFPX…

    on 1. PC – WXR is shared and has read and write permissions
    on 2. PC – I have access to the WXR- Folder on 1. PC
    on 3. Laptop – I have access to WXR- Folder on the 1. PC

    Weather is loading from Laptop to 1. PC in P3D with no problems, but FMGS does not write any dat.- files in WXR folder on first PC.

    1. Are there probs with the actual version of Hifisim (ASP4?) Does it not running?
    [in xml.the Simpatcher is up to date, all entries done]
    2. Has ASP4 to run on the same pc where p3d is installed?


    • You need to be running ASN or active sky 2016. SimConnect needs to be running on the remote computer running the weather program.

      I believe the weather dat files are only written on the computer running the weather program (active sky). You will need to share the WXR across all client computers which need to access the WXR folder.


      • Ok – interesting – since I use P3d V4 and therefore ASP4 (not anymore ASN or AS16) – it doesn´t work with ASP4 yet – is this the current stand because I am reading nothing else? I thought the .dat- files will only be written on the VG (like explained in Tutorial), the PC that running P3D but for now I use any third party addon like ProAtcX,PFPX,Topcat and ASP4 from external client…So every client has access to the WXR- folder on the VG…
        I understood that FMGS only write weather data on VG – so in this case ASP4 must run also on VG like P3D?


  5. Hi everyone,

    I can t make this Wx Radar a,d i think i ve done everything in this toturial,
    I have the main pc with P3D V2.5, A320 FMGS(SERVER B50, ASN.
    In pc client i only have A320 fmgs with all MIP displays and mcdu.

    I already shared the folder Wxr with the pc client and i don t have the command line “ASNwxRadarPath=” in my FSUIPC4.ini

    Can someone help me please?
    Best regards


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