Simulator Solutions Wiring Loom Service

If you have genuine panels you may decide to wire them up using the original pin outs. Destruction of the original wiring at the back of the panels so you can connect to your I/O board may not be in your favour (you admire the Airbus Industrie work, I certainly do). In that case you maybe glad to know there is now a wiring service available from Simulator Solutions (creators of SimStack).

Custom Connector and Wiring Loom Features

  • Genuine connectors that mate with your genuine panels
  • Pins in the correct position to meet your requirements
  • Wiring that is the right length for your installation
  • 20AWG PVC coated multi-stranded tinned copper wire (much easier to work with than the original aviation/aircraft wire)
  • Up to 20 different colours of wire available in a single loom
  • All wiring looms labelled with plastic coated labels
  • Complete wiring summary for your reference and records
  • All connectors are overhauled and tested prior to dispatch
  • All looms are manufactured using genuine equipment and to the correct technical standards

More information on their website.

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