Audio Control Panel (ACP) and Brake Pressure Indicator

Its will not be a simple affair to get these working fluently with a Flight Simulator. Gotta love a challenge 🙂


Audio Control Panel (ACP)

After removing the front cover we can see the Brake Pressure Indicator is driven by 3 servo motors magnets.

7 thoughts on “Audio Control Panel (ACP) and Brake Pressure Indicator

      • Hi Guido,

        Referring to the 4th occupant ACP’s schematic in Drawing “23-51-08” in the A320 Aircraft Schematic Manual, the following pins are used for the annunciator lights:
        Pin C – Light test (unconnected=inactive, grounded=active)
        Pin P – ANN LT power LOW (GND)
        Pin R – ANN LT power HIGH (Positive)

        On a side note: The schematic also shows pin N (DC GND), pin P (ANN LT GND), and pin D (Simply marked “GND”) connected together, sharing the same ground bus.

        Referring to this schematic, as well as Page “33-14-00” of the A319 Aircraft Maintenance Manual, the supply voltage for this specific panel can either be 6.3 or 4.3 volts DC (depending on the ANN LT switch position. BRT and TEST modes both use 6.3V).

        These were taken out of official docs, so I really hope it’ll be helpful to you! 🙂

        Kind regards,


  1. Hi Dávid
    It’s long time ago. I’ve tested it again. But no lights go on. When the poti are out, they are lighting. But when I grounded pin C to Pin P or N no other lights go on. Where’s my fault?



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