Genuine ECAM Control Panel – Fully interfaced

Using Cockpit Concept ARINC 429 boards and some help with Chris we managed to get the ECP talking to Jeehell FMGS.


This was relatively painless and only required connecting a few wires at the back of the panel to the ARINC 429 board. Strangely enough although the Aircraft Maintenance Manual states the device works in highspeed, we were able to get all the push button LEDs working with his lowspeed board. Chris wrote a specific profile in a short time and we were soon up and running.


I will soon be doing a full review and step through process of his boards which I feel is a fantastic and straightforward option to get your genuine ARINC 429 parts working – have a look out for it on this blog.

In the meantime, here is a video of the ECP in action:

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