ECAM Control Panel Pinouts


Pinouts for button and LED light control connect to a low or high speed ARINC 429 transmitter board (only two wires to the ARINC board required). Alternatively pinouts for the push buttons can be connected to a joystick board. Upper and Lower Display Unit brightness knobs should be connnected to a a potentiometer.


The ECP, wired directly to a Cockpit Concept Low Speed Bus ARINC 429 board

ECAM Control Panel Pinouts

Canon plug BĀ 

Input Bus 1 (The DMC1 Controls illumination of the ECP Lights): G, H
Input Bus 2 (The DMC2 Controls Illumination of the ECP Lights): K, L
Connect G and K to Output A, and H and L with Output B on the ARINC 429 board

Output Bus 2 (The ECP triggers the change of system pages): E, F
Connect E to Input A, F to Input B

Power: S (28 VDC)
Bright CTL Upper DU: B (WIPER), C (LO), U (HI)

Canon plug A

Ground: A (connect to shared ground in Canon plug A, and to the ground ARINC 429 card)
Integral Lighting: W (+5 VDC), X (Gnd)
Bright CTL Lower: DU B (WIPER), C (LO), U (HI)

Direct wiring to the ECP (bypass ARINC 429 method).


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