UPDNAV Available for Download

Dieter has published a very useful tool – UPDNAV.

When you are running several workstation clients for the flight simulator it can become difficult to update all the individual navdata. UPDNav simplifies this process by automating the copying over to all clients.

Translated (German) from the website:

Anyone using the FMGS from Jeehell as system software for the A320 will at some point also access the navigational data “AIRAC” from Navigraph or Aerosoft in order to be able to operate the MCDU with the correct data.

In a network setup with multiple machines, as I do it, for example, For example, in which the server is operated in a dedicated manner and the respective computers are used for the captain as well as the first officer side, the updating of the navigation data is complicated.

First you have to build on the simulator computer and then you have to distribute it on the individual computers. This is time intensive and you have to be careful.

For this reason, I have developed a small tool which takes over all these tasks and also remarks when the FMGS server has got a new version through an update.

Download here.

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