For Sale: Airbus ECAM Control Panel

Genuine ECAM Control Panel (ECP) for sale at original purchased price. Backlight bulbs have been replaced and are fully functioning. Electrical connections are all intact (see back) and have not been stripped for easy connection to 5v and an I/O board of your choice.  Wiring schematics for each push buttons and bulb output will be provided. Eng light is lit for an example but each button annunciation has been trialed and is working. From my experience genuine ECP with full intact wiring are difficult to come across. Fully compatible with Jeehell FMGS, Prosim A320 or your Flight Simulator of choice.

Price: US $600

Contact if interested.



2 thoughts on “For Sale: Airbus ECAM Control Panel

    • The first generation ECP incandescent bulbs have just been replaced and all are functioning. In addition the panel has been repainted. The ECP could go for sale at the right price.


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