An Intel 7700k Powerhouse!

The computer has been upgraded and the processor overclocked to 4.8 GHZ, water cooled with a Corsair H80i version 2. Surprisingly everything runs completely smooth on one system even with Prepar3D v4 running at maximum settings. Absolutely stunning. At FlyTampa Sydney airport I am getting 30-40 frames per second.

All avionics panels, including the MCDU output from the one computer. The weather program (Active Sky 2016) also runs in the background. The visuals only consist of one panel and one projector (Optoma GT1080Darbee) at the moment — if this needs to be expanded to a surround view (180 degrees+) the video card would most certainly need to be upgraded, and the settings turn down. However with one projected image the setup is smooth and remarkable:


40 FPS on a commercial airport, 80 FPS in the air – I can live with that

Oh, did I mention a screen and projector has been setup? 🙂 This will require another separate write up.



3 thoughts on “An Intel 7700k Powerhouse!

  1. You must consider that a geometric correction software for the 180 degree view, AI traffic and the simultaneous operation of 3 beamers will reduce the performance. So I decided to wait for the Intel Coffee Lake and nVidia Volta.


    • Hi Stefan — yes you are correct, but it will be a few more years before I consider a180 degrees view (I don’t have the space at the moment) and by that time the whole CPU landscape, and software will have evolved or changed! I have also heard with Prepar3D v4 AI traffic is only limited by your amount of RAM.


  2. According to the AVSIM Prepar3d User Guide the AI Traffic CPU bound.
    Additionally, GPU bound when you using HD graphics.
    The danger of an OOM with HD graphics no longer exists in Prepar3D v4, because more memory can be used.
    I agree with you, how smooth the simulator runs the more realistic it acts.


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