A320 FMGS B48 Release

Change log:


IAE V500 Engines as indicated on the upper ECAM Display Unit

-Added IAE V2500 engines model. You need to select the new model in two places: FSX/P3D vehicles and AP/FBW dropdown list.
-Note the engine start sequence for IAE engines is different than for CFMs.
-Small graphical enhancements on the EWD display (N1 gauges, IDLE blinks, EGT gauges)
-Corrected a bug in selected mach mode, where target mach was slightly different (up to ~.005) than FCU window
-Added triple clicks on some mode reversions where needed. Some reversions were enhanced as well.
-FMGS server has an options window to easily change the desired aircraft options.
-Corrected a bug with LDG and TO memos on the EWD (text seemingly overlapping)
-Added some FWC initialisation sounds on power up from cold and dark
-Corrected F.USED bug on EIS2 CRZ page.
-Corrected a bug which made the ground friction too small someetimes.
-Corrected a bug which gave an error message when exiting FSX/P3D (simpatcher module).

Download with the updater app or by direct link on the forum.

IAE Engine sounds available here.

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