A commercial IAE soundset to consider

A commercial IAE soundset to consider

Sound is critical – they provide another level of immersion. Accurate sounds allow you to bring realism to your flightdeck.  There are a few engine sound sets to consider including the free and fantastic Daniele V4 sound set (CFM and IAE engine sounds included, see resource section). There are also a few commerical soundsets in … Continue reading

FMGS 48.2.2

JL has pushed out a small patch which should fix the engine start bug for users of FSX, and the msgdll error when attempting to close starter. A full redownload of the software and install is required. What’s new in B48.2: -Solved issues with engine start in FSX -solved issue with starter and msgdll Continue reading

FMGS Beta 48.2 Released

A320 Software Solution Beta 48.2 ——————————- 24/08/2017 What’s new in B48.2: ———- -Corrected DIRTO ABEAM PTS issues -Corrected CHECK TO DATA appearance conditions. If you fill PERF Page before RWY/SID in FPLN page, you will still get the message which is normal. -Corrected issues with SIOC module and ACPs. -Corrected Fuel Flow issues on ground … Continue reading

FMGS 48.1 Release

07/08/2017 What’s new in B48.1: ———- -Corrected MCDU issue -Corrected IDLE text not appearing on EWD -Corrected EIS1 EGT gauge (correct EIS1 style) -Corrected a few EIS1/EIS2 small graphical details -Corrected a bug preventin triple click to play -Corrected MCDU selected SPD/MACH display in PERF TO and DES pages -Corrected MCDU PERF APPR QNH display … Continue reading

Daniele FMGS Sounds v4

Version V4: New engine sounds and environment. Double version CFM, AIE-V2500 Boosted bass boost and equalization gain. New PTU sound. Installation: Copy the files to the folders corresponding to CFM and AIE. The PTU sound in the “sound” folder in the fmgs server. Download links: Released new version for Jeehell Fmgs sounds. Version V4: New … Continue reading