FMGS 48.1 Release

What’s new in B48.1:
-Corrected MCDU issue

-Corrected IDLE text not appearing on EWD
-Corrected EIS1 EGT gauge (correct EIS1 style)
-Corrected a few EIS1/EIS2 small graphical details
-Corrected a bug preventin triple click to play
-Corrected MCDU selected SPD/MACH display in PERF TO and DES pages
-Corrected MCDU PERF APPR QNH display when in.Hg used
-Added LinkFOQNHtoCPT option
-LinkISISQNHtoCPT should now link the STD baro setting
-Smoothed VDEV donut
-Added CONFIRM TO DATA feature when RWY is changed prior to takeoff, and subsequent CHECK TO DATA MCDU message
-Corrected Scratchpad MCDU message clearing, previous entry will be retained now
-Corrected MORE DRAG message which should now disappear if profile is met again
-Corrected PFD QNH blinking when no TA is entered


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