FMGS Beta 48.2 Released

A320 Software Solution Beta 48.2

What’s new in B48.2:
-Corrected DIRTO ABEAM PTS issues
-Corrected CHECK TO DATA appearance conditions. If you fill PERF Page before RWY/SID in FPLN page, you will still get the message which is normal.
-Corrected issues with SIOC module and ACPs.
-Corrected Fuel Flow issues on ground (jumps from 280 to 400).
-Corrected Triple Click audio not played when it should
-Corrected selected mach display in PERF pages
-Solved issues on some procedures (using FD type legs, and only in rare legs track combinations)
-Solved some engines start issues
-Added Tuned navaids display on ND (even with VORs/NDBs selected OFF on EFIS).

Download or use the updater application.

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