A commercial IAE soundset to consider

Sound is critical – they provide another level of immersion. Accurate sounds allow you to bring realism to your flightdeck.  There are a few engine sound sets to consider including the free and fantastic Daniele V4 sound set (CFM and IAE engine sounds included, see resource section). There are also a few commerical soundsets in the market including BlueSkyStar.

They recently released an FSLabs IAE V2500 engine sound set for  $10.50 and should be compatible with FMGS.

From the authors website:

It does not change the original FSLabs code or in any way interfering to it’s work.

In fact, it improves it a lot with conjunction to professionally made engine sounds.

All sound samples were recorder from real IAE V2500 with help of our pilot colleagues

in real operations and multiple run-ups. All volume and pitch data is 1 to 1 exact to IAE V2500

created with mathematical formulas and brought to represent the delight sound of IAE V2500.

It is also created with intent to be installed on professional FAA certified FTD throughout the USA.

4 thoughts on “A commercial IAE soundset to consider

  1. Hello,
    “and should be compatible with FMGS”
    i have downloadet this soundset, but how can i get this to work?
    No sound.cfg and only *.ogg file

    regards Peter


    • Hi Peter,

      some question, the original files from Danieles soundset are wav.- files, the one from BlueSkyStar I have installed in a temporary Folder. so there are two Folders (engine and Environment sounds). the files are .ogg- files. So how does it works with further Installation? These files have to move to A320 – IAE (for example)- Sound – but I can hear no difference. Should the files from BSS to be converted? Can you help?


  2. The BlueSkyStar FSL Airbus-X soundpack may use .ogg files for sound output (the aircraft uses an independent sound system). The Aerosoft Airbus soundpack are in .wav format.


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