Rudder Trim Panel Pinouts


Rudder Trim Pinouts

Parking Brake (ON/OFF), 2124VC, A/C
Back Light Trim Indicator, 2125VC, U/V (Gnd)
Back Light Plate Integral Light, 2125VC, T/S (Gnd)
Power 28V DC, 2124VC, V/T (Gnd)
Reset Sw, 2124VC, E/K
Rudder Left Sw, 2124VC, F/M
Rudder Right Sw, 2124VC, H/M
ARINC 429 Output, 2125VC, P, R (if using Cockpit Concept ARINC 429 boards, connect P to Output A, R to output B, Label 313, SSM3)

SIMon Pinouts

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