Featured Cockpit Builder Videos

In this video David shares his transducer replica method (well done!) and interfacing the sidestick solenoids with Ardruino.

Master Engineer Simon has the Trim Wheels all worked out and interfaced using Open Cockpit SIOC.

Fellow cockpit builder D-AIRC also manages to get the trim work done with Ardruino!

4 thoughts on “Featured Cockpit Builder Videos

  1. 😉 My version are not perfect!
    Got some strange interrupted sounds in moving. Simon´s work out sounds much smoother. 😉 Maybe it´s a hardware thing between motor and the chain or some improvements in the sketch. But i´m just a layman in programming. 😉
    Maybe Simon got some pics for us how he connected the motor to the trimmwheel respectively to the chain. Then i can check up which thing i have to improve.


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