FSL A320-X for Prepar3D v4.1 Released

From Lefteris Kalamaras:

Hello all,

We are happy to announce that the A320-X for P3Dv4 release v2.0.1.214 is now available!

This release marks our transition into Lockheed Martin’s latest Prepar3D v4.1 edition, a significant milestone for developers and simulator fans alike. The pathway into the 64-bit code base is most important, as it allows our product line to showcase changes, improvements and exciting new features without being artificially limited by the 32-bit memory space of 4 Gigabytes.

A few notes on this first A320-X for P3Dv4 release:

– If you are already a Flight Sim Labs customer and have purchased the A320-X for Prepar3D v3 before this release, the P3Dv4 version is available for you FREE OF CHARGE. Simply select the option to upgrade when you purchase the product and provide your v3 order details to continue.

– There is a new version of FSL Spotlights that is P3Dv4-compatible *only*. You will need that version installed before you can enjoy the full dynamic light splendor in the A320-X virtual cockpit, but also now on external model surfaces as well, so please download and install the FSL Spotlights for P3Dv4 after you have installed the A320-X.

– The A320-X for P3Dv4 first release includes most of the additions, fixes and changes that we have discussed for the general Service Pack 1 roll-out. These changes will also find themselves in an upgrade pack for the FSX and P3Dv3 versions which will come soon after the P3Dv4 version has been released.

– Support and bug fixes of all versions of the A320-X will continue normally – we expect that Service Pack 1 will be the last major update with new functionality for 32-bit versions of the product line and our focus will shift to the 64-bit platform(s) afterwards.

– There have been inquiries about our Home Cockpit and Professional version release road-map. We’ve already been showcasing some of that work in flight simulator shows, so expect more news on this later on.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of new features, changes and improvements that you can find in our A320-X for P3Dv4.

We wish to thank you very much for your continued support and wish you many happy flights with the all new A320-X in Prepar3D v4! We’ll join you in the virtual skies!


Here’s what was added, changed and/or improved in this A320-X for P3Dv4 first release:

– New P3Dv4 Addon path Installation logic

Security protection mechanism overhaul
– Added Licensing Authority Administrative Security ™ mechanism
– No Enigma Internal Protection Error

External Model
– New v2.0 FSLSpotlights used
– Dynamic lighting techniques with variable brightness depending on day / light conditions
– Various new effects added for lights in low visibility fog conditions
– Haze effects added in cabin
– Various model parts updates
– Texture resolution / quality improved
– CFM engine significantly improved
– Rudder Weather vane logic improvements
– Livery installers updated to support P3Dv4

Virtual Cockpit
– New v2.0 FSLSpotlights used
– Several model part fixes / improvements
– New and improved high resolution textures
– Oxygen test logic added
– PEDAL DISC button clickable and fully animated
– Jumpseat camera viewpoint improved
– Floor / Console lighting added
– Aircraft shadow model added

– 3D Engine overhaul
– IAE / CFM Engine entirely new 3D sounds
– PA recordings added
– ACP can now be heard through headset
– Over 200 distinct sounds added
– APU sounds improved
– Ext Pack sounds improved / added
– Aft outflow valve sounds improved / added
– Avionics sounds improved
– PTU sound improvements
– Cabin power xfer sound effect added
– CFM clanking sound added
– Doppler effect logic added

– SEC FPLN added
– FIX INFO added
– S4/S7 AMI choice introduced
– FM
– Flightplanning analysis logic overhauled
– Discontinuity logic improvements
– AF logic improvements
– AWY work in LST
– Terminal/SEC/ALTN PLAN ND Display corrections
– CRZ ALT updated to PPOS ALT if DES is initiated while
– DIR TO list not selectable if in TMPY
– FPLN page negative distance logic improvements
– NEXT WPT operative
– NM/DIST FPLN page indication on SEC/TO WPT
now PPOS-based if applicable
– ND SEC MSAP path and SEC ALTN path now white
– Lateral path logic improvements for Nav Intcpt calcs
– AIP 3600 entry now considered as track 0
– BLOCK PRED improvements
– Climb predictions tuned
– TRANS ALT/LEVEL adjustments
– Tracking improvements:
– Velocity sampling for Rho estimation
– Radial out logic
– FA/CA/VA legs dynamic placement
– SPD CSTRs now working for dynamic legs
– CRS CAS predictions tuned
– APPR automatic engagement requires NAV in MANAGED    mode
– FG
– FPA calculation fixes with windy conditions (GS instead of TAS)
– AP disconnect with AProt active logic fix
– CMB logic update for CSTR
– Bank limit for takeoff phase tuned
– Mode fixes / impossible modes protection
– Windshear active fGlimit
– Min speed now based on FM speeds for DES/APP/GA and FAC for CLB/CRZ
– Bank limit in NAV/APP NAV/FINAL APP now for engine out only
– Various smaller fixes

– Weather request logic improvements (ARPT stays in the list after request)

– Fix for packs regulation and zone thermal balance
– Hot air valve fix
– TAC control logic
– TAVR logic fix
– Cabin temp logic improved

– Logic improvements for AUTO SHUTDOWN

– DB loading improvements
– Various logicsheet fixes
– Rx side logic fixes

– DB loading improvements

– Rudder pedal tuning for improved ground handling
– Reactive windshear logic added

– Fix for bank > 33 and overspeed roll
– Flare law elevator transition fixes

– AIRCRAFT STATE infrastructure added
(can be configured and saved per livery / airline)
– Four distinct AIRCRAFT STATES supported:
– Set default panel state logic added
– MCDU / SUBSYSTEM intercom rate adjusted (faster MCDU I/O)

– FPV fix for FCU 1+2 FAULT

– CFM N1 indications now EIS2 compliant
– CFM MREV annunciation fixed

– ADR warn light logic improvements

Brake logic improvements
– Surface Condition affects keyboard max deflection
– Brake disc logic upodates / fixes
– A/SKID OFF ECAM message fix


Keyboard selection
– Crash bug with entering new keys fixed

– STEERING_SET event now subscribable for default P3Dv4 control axis
– FSUIPC axis use now optional

Visual Effects
– Dynamic Light intensity now dynamically configurable
– Cabin mist effects added

And a multitude of smaller bug fixes and improvements that didn’t make the individual list.

We really hope you like them!

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