An Update

Big changes will be happening to the sim in the next few months, there have been some subtle clues littered in previous posts, so you can most likely guess — but I will make a formal announcement in the next few days/weeks.

In the mean time I am still experimenting with different ways to drive the korry switches – I attempted to wire up a Darlington Transistor to a Flight Deck Solution Tekwork I/O board the other day; unfortunately it was unable to amplify the current to meet the requirements of the incandescent bulbs (5V) because the I/O board can only output at 2.5V. To be compatible your output source and external power needs to operate at the same voltage.

I have an Arduino 2560 mega board on the way so this should allow us to test the transistors using MobiFlight, software which interfaces FSUIPC and the Arduino. In addition I will also try and use a relay switch to experiment driving the A/P on solenoid, or perhaps even energizing the whole aircraft only when the overhead Battery 1, or Battery 2 is turned on.

In other news, Simon’s website is back up. He is a very experienced builder (and engineer) and has some useful information – check it out at


WorldFlight will be starting in a few days. Are you all ready? I will be reporting from WorldFlight HQ Sydney, where it originally started all the way back in 2002. Many clubs and organizations are setup to raise money for their charity of choice; fun times ahead. Check out your local neighborhood flightsim; I wouldn’t be surprised if you found one close by also participating.

WorldFlight runs from 04/11/2017 – 11/11/2017


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