WorldFlight 2017 Ends

A week long marathon flown around the world with Virtual ATC has come to an end. Well done to all the teams involved and the money raised for their respective charities.

WorldFlight Australia Team (QFA 25) operates 24 hours a day during this busy time

I managed to participate on one leg from Arlanda to Innsbruck in my own Sim and unfortunately it wasn’t all smooth along the way as I ran into technical difficulties and could not maintain my altitude for a short period of time.

Vatstats logs your flights online so you can have a good idea here:

I also nearly ran out of fuel circling around Innsbruck Airport because of their busy arrival schedule. My Airbus Captain friend had these words of wisdom:

Fuel burn logic should have the centre tanks empty at this point. You probably have fixed reserves on board but if you’re not accessing them you’ll flame out was about to happen. To answer your question: most jurisdictions need 30 minutes in the tanks at landing. Additionally you need flight fuel to get there plus 10% of that at the time at which you’re calculating it. To Jeppessen it simple if you’ve got 1.5 showing at LSK6 on the MCDU and ATC is giving you more than a few minutes holding you need to declare a “Fuel Emergency” at this point they will be required to give you direct training.

Words of wisdom. Luckily I managed to land at Innsbruck, but with barely enough fuel to taxi to the gate.

See you all again next year.

Your fellow Sim Builder
JST81 (Jetstar 81, Vatsim callsign)

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