ECAM Control Panel Paint Job

The first generation ECP was looking terrible after several decades of use.

Airbus grey was mixed by the local paint shop – this proved more difficult then originally thought because there are different shades of Airbus grey which can be quite difficult to discern with the naked eye. Go into any Airbus cockpit and you’re most likely not going to find a matching panel with the same grey colour.

The paint shop initially mixed up a colour which was too light:

They agreed to remix, and the second time we got it right. The panel almost looks brand new.

First generation ECP (below). Notice the difference between the newer generation bezel-less (top) models. First generation ECP also use traditional incandescent bulbs and not LEDs. 

Now the next thing we need to do is create a base plate to mount the panel and add dzus screws which will be a challenge.

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