Merry Christmas, Happy New Year – Airbus in a Storage Room

We have come to the end of the year – much has been achieved in the last month, with the acquisition of 9V-SBD Airbus A319 in November being a major achievement for the project – moving forwards we can work with complete genuine parts, from the avionic panels to the liners and even the rudder pedal mechanism.


SilkAir 9V-SBD  at Singapore Changi Airport, image copyright Yang Qize

Unlike replicate parts from Vendors – there is no manual on how to assemble the genuine flight deck together. The most helpful guides will be manufacturers Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) and the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM).

It will take many months, and years of planning and reconstructing the aircraft to its original state. In the meantime, the parts remain safely in storage:

End of year stats

This website was non-existent last year. It was created to blog about the flight deck build progress, and to provide a resource for the community. We’ve done exceptionally well with nearly 80,000 views, and over 12,000 unique visitors!

Most of the visitors are from Europe, which is not surprising.


There will be many new ideas, and products launched in the next few months. Subscribe to stay updated with email alerts (see column on the right). Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from Soarbywire!

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