FMGS 49.1 and 49.2 Updates

A320 Software Solution Beta 49.2

What’s new in B49.2:
-Corrected ACP issues with SIOC
-Corrected ENG START FAULT LO PR on IAE engines
-Corrected EGT needles disappearing
-Corrected issues with FSUIPC V/S datapipe
-Added option for Cockpitsonic trim wheel to be used without the motor

What’s new in B49.1:
-Corrected CORTE issues
-Corrected autotune bug where very distant VOR/NDB would be auto tuned
-Corrected ACPs and speakers potentiometers configured in FMGS config being reversed
-Corrected ACPs volume output not feeling linear
-Implemented A/BRK MAX inhibition in-flight
-Better computation on the PFD for VLS/VS/VSW, smoother output while gforce varies. ALso speedtrend is smoother
-Smoothed DDRMI needles
-Corrected dual engine flameout in loss of ELEC power on ground
-Corrected SIOC Module issues with ACPs


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