Output Amplifier Boards – Success

Initial testing of the Arduino Output Amplifier shield boards has been successful – outputs from an Arduino Mega board can be controlled with MobiFlight and drive incandescent bulbs found in genuine Aircraft Panels.


These boards are plug and play, and can be placed directly onto the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 allowing you to have access to over 50 outputs. Provide 5 VDC, connect the pin outputs from the panel to the spring connectors, configure in MobiFlight and you are done! No messy wiring, or soldering required.

Genuine ADIRS Panel – 12 channels (outputs) are facilitated by the Output Amplifier board to light up the Korry switches

I have produced a limited supply of these boards and they will be sold at cost price. Please contact if interested.

One thought on “Output Amplifier Boards – Success

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