Painting the trim

When you are dealing with aircraft trim over 15 years old it may not be in the most optimal condition. You would expect to find scratches, chipped paint, blemishes, and faded colours on the trim.

On the top lip of the acquired FO side console trim liner a considerable amount of paint plaster was chipped off leaving quite a distracting mark.

Touching up with spray paint was the most obvious option; I wasn’t so good with the paint brush but I had great success using spray paint with the ECAM control panel.

Matching paint was always going to be difficult. Eventually after consulting on the Internet (where else?) we settled on colour RAL 5004. The paint was mixed and put in a spray-can by our local Supercheap Auto store.

The rest of the panel was tightly wrapped and the edges protected with paint tape. Prior to spray painting:

Job completed:

The new improved look

The new paint colour matches for the most part – if you stare long enough you may just notice the different colour gradient. Completely spray painting the whole panel may be considered down the line for further cosmetic reasons. For now, the panel is functional and can be used in the simulator.

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