ADIRS Arduino LCD Display Interfacing

Peter Fuss has informed me of a program which simplifies interfacing an Arduino display with Jeehell FMGS. The software by Peter Piper is designed to be used to simulate the ADIRS display panel by reading the data and sys  switch from the avionics overhead panel and outputting appropriately.

More information available on the FlightX forum (German).


Software and direct download now available on the FMGS Forum. Resource section updated.


10 thoughts on “ADIRS Arduino LCD Display Interfacing

  1. Hello, Peter.

    Your latest software throws up an error on a couple of my computers as soon as WideFS is started: “Unhandled exception has occured in your application.” It finishes by saying, “Decimal separator cannot be the empty string.” This error is also experienced by another user who is also building an A320. Both of us are running W10. I have one W10 machine, howeve, which doesn’t throw up this error. The error also occurs when I run it on the P3D machine. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

    Best wishes,


    • Hello,
      Is WideFS connected to FSUIPC when the error occurs?
      It could be that my program gets no data, although it recognized WideFS.
      Try to start the WideFS client only when the simulator (and FSUIPC) are active.



  2. I also have this problem. Wide FS on my PC’s starts automatically from the start folder. On two PC’s the program works fine but on the third (the one I want to use!) I get the same error as Darren above. If on the one that does not work I start withour WideFS the program runs but if I then start WideFS i get the error. Seems like there is a link with WideFS but must also be something else on the particular computer.
    When it works it is great, thank you for the work.


  3. I had previously asked: Is WideFS connected to FSUIPC when the affected PC starts? Try the following:
    Start the PC on which the Sim is running and start the simulator until the Airbus is at the gate. Then start the client and check if the error is still coming.
    If not already done, please install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 on the client.
    I can not reproduce the error on my 4 computers here.


  4. Thank you, Peter, for your reply.

    Unfortunately I still get the error no matter what I try.

    I am unable to install 4.6.2 since my computer has a more up to date version of Microsoft .Net Framework and will not allow me to install it.

    I have it running on another computer so I’ll make fo with that.

    Once again, thank you for your tremendous efforts. It’s wonderful that I have now an operational ADIRS on my overhead!

    Kind regards,


  5. Hello, Peter.

    I have found the reason for the error! The computers which would not run the programme had the UK time/date format but the computers where I hadn’t changed the date/time format, the programme ran fine (US date/time format). It was the decimal separator part of the error that got me thinking…

    I thought I would inform you just in case you get another (UK) user with the same problem.

    Best wishes,


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