Electrical Connectors

I was fortunate to be able to recover the Airbus Avionics electrical connectors. They are usually thrown away for disposal after an aircraft teardown.

In the previous Sim build connections were established using DuPont (Jumper) wiring. This was effective but not a long term solution because the connectors were not secure and had a tendency to come out.

Using the original connectors (military specifications) one can easily connect and disconnect the avionic components of the aircraft – “plug and play” as Airbus originally intended. The connections are secure and require a clockwise turn motion to lock, and anti-clockwise to unlock.

The next step will be to service the connectors – this can be done by stripping the original wire wrap, removing the cable ties, and extending by soldering to brand new wiring. Each wire will need to be (shrink wrapped) labeled and can then be connected to an interface board such as an Arduino Mega R3 or an output board.

ECAM Control Panel Connectors – perfect fit

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