Sydney Airport Feb 5th 2018

I frequently cycle back home from work. There are some amazing views of landing aircraft at Sydney Airport (Kingsford Smith) as the bike path directly crosses the approach pathway of runways 16R and 16L. These runways are usually in use during the daytime (the opposite runways 34R and 34L are in use during the night due to noise abatement policy).


During my bike journey the other day I managed to take a few spontaneous photos and a video with my phone (Google Pixel 2):

UPS Boeing 747, still majestic after all these years

Instrument Landing System for Sydney Airport Runway 16R

QantasLink Bombardier Dash 800 VH-Q01

Incoming Boeing 737

There are also plans to pay a future visit to Shep’s Mound, the newly rebuilt Sydney Airport plane spotter lookout for aviation enthusiasts.

© Kurt Ams

Shep’s Mound, Image property of Sydney Airport

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