Airbus Loudspeaker Amplifier Pinouts

aural alert test



7WW Loud Speaker-CAPT, 8WW Loud Speaker-F/O

Power: A (28 VDC), B, T (Ground)
Audio Hi input: F
Audio Lo input: G
Connect pins: D to U, E to V
Alarm Input 1 Hi : H
Alarm Input 1 Lo: J
Alarm Input 2 Hi: K
Alarm Input 2 Lo: L
Alarm Input 3 Hi: M
Alarm Input 3 Lo: N

Alarm input overrides Loud Speaker Control Panel (301VU) volume control

301VU Capt Lighting/Loudspeaker CTL PNL

Audio card Hi input: D
Audio card Lo input: C
Audio Hi output: A
Audio Lo output: B

Audio Hi and Lo output should connect to Audio Hi and Lo input on the Loud Speaker

References: ASM 23-51-02, 31-52-04; AWM 23-51-07, 31-52-01 

Something a little more serious:

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