FMGS B50 Release



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– Added remote joystick support (you can plug a joystick on a client PC, and it can be used in FMGS config)
– Added temperature effect on the indicated altitude (optional, now by default. Can be changed in FMGS Server->Options)
– Corrected some issues with go around and managed speed
– Corrected some display errors on the routes on the ND
– Corrected some errors on the EWD (REV label, EPR trend arc)
– V-Alpha protection band is moving more than VLS according to G-load
– Ground red ribbon on PFD altitude tape is now referenced to Radio Altitude
– EWD Upper right N1/EPR rating is now displaying the correct value (CLB rating) when in manual thrust (levers not in CLB detent)
– Corrected Yaw bar on ground displayed when not in either RWY or LOC modes
– Corrected SPD BRK STILL OUT warning in idle descent
– Corrected issues with PACKs in very cold weather operations
– FLT CTL check on ground : only the roll spoilers will move now
– When in HDG mode, speed constraints are now disregarded
– Corrected EPR demand arc on IAE/EPR gauges
– ENG anti ice switches will show FAULT when selected ON but bleed not available
– Corrected computations of S,F,O speeds
– Corrected display of GW on SD after landing
– Corrected some issues with ND HDG bug after a while
– Corrected some cases where very close quick pushes on joystick buttons would end up in one being “ghosted”
– Added Navdata loading percentage on MCDU status page (not accurate but indicative) when building a new navdatabase set.

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