Output Amplifier

Assembled output amplifier boards are now available. Genuine aircraft panels use incandescent korry bulbs with high current output utility. Existing I/O solutions in the market are unable to drive this load. The Soarbywire Output board amplifies current to meet these bulb requirements.

The boards are plug and play for use with an Arduino Mega R3. Compatible with Jeehell FMGS (Mobiflight), ProSim (Arduino737 software), or any avionics suite which uses FSUIPC.

  • Amplifies current to drive outputs of genuine aircraft panels
  • Shield form allows you to plug into an Arduino Mega R3 for easy interfacing
  • Compatible with all major avionics software (utilizes FSUIPC or connects as a generic serial driver)
  • Spring loaded connectors for easy wire output installation
  • 52 outputs on each Amplifier board
  • Transistors performing amplification have excellent heat disbursement with no voltage drop
  • Supports voltages up to 50 V (5 V tested, Airbus panels)
  • Small compact size
  • Low cost

Transistor specifications:

Assembled Output Amplifier boards are available for 95.00 USD.

PCB boards requiring assembly (components provided) with instructions available for 45.00 USD

Stock is limited, contact if interested.

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