FMGS 50.1


Latest version is out, updater or:

– A navdata re-build is necessary !!!!! You need to do Hervé Sors fix before, see below.
– Reworked RWY and ILS computations. Now RWYs and ILS should match very accurately with scenery IF the RWY/ILS have been updated using Hervé Sors tool:
– Corrected XPDR : to enter a new squawk wit hahardware, you need a double CLR input first.
– Corrected Y ACCU resetting to 0 PSI on engine start (causing a spurious warning)
– Corrected QNH value discrepancy on PFDs and FCU
– Corrected steep turn (above 33° of bank, stick must be held to maintain the bank)
– Added VHF3 ACARS function
– Added NAV BACKUP function on RMP1 and RMP2 (this function does NOT work on the RMP3 on real ACFT as well)
– Added software RMPs
– Corrected ACP behavior on startup (transmission channels removed)
– Corrected some ND FPLN drawing issues
– IDLE indication on EWD no longer shown on ground (as on real ACFT)
– Corrected CRZ FL change on PROG page (triggered uncorrectly DES phase)
– Corrected STROB LT OFF memo logic on GND
– Corrected issue which may provoke IDG disconnet on software start
– MCDU PERF CLB page now shows the real managed speed, taking CSTRs into account
– HYD SD page now displays HYD in 50 PSI steps
– EWD and SD who decimal numbers with a smaller decimal character
– Reworked egine Anti Ice effect on ground idle
– Reversers should no longer open if no HYD power available
– OUTER TK XFR will now occur simultaneously on both sides (no longer independent)
– Oxygen REGUL LO PR will not occur straight after turning off CREW OXY pb
– ADIRS alignment time now dependent on latitude, corrected EWD memo line
– Corrected soem cases of engine start failing seemingly due to an IGN failure
– Corrected TCAS STBY memo conditions
– Corrected some bugs with remote joystick support
– Corrected WXR ACARS retrieval
– Added DDRMI flags and DDRMI logic related to ELEC and HDG sources
– Corrected DDRMI behavior in ADF mode
– Corrected DDRMI magnetic variations computations issues

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