FSLabs A319-X


FSL A319-X — gotta love the Tomato Shade Post Processing

FSLabs has released the A319-X, an addon for existing users of their A320-X aircraft. The ‘unique’ features of the aircraft include –

Unique Features:
  • Ground-breaking custom aircraft icing model, with dynamic build-up of ice based on actual atmospheric conditions and authentic effects on aircraft and engine performance and dynamic visual effects – check the aircraft is free of contamination during your walkaround, and see ice building in real time when flying through icing conditions
  • De- and anti-icing with realistic hold-over times, fully integrated with GSX de-icing equipment and unique de-icing fluid visual effects
  • The most realistic rain effects seen to date. Utilising over 500 textures, you’ll see dynamic drops, trickles, rain and streaks that appear, disappear and change direction dependent on the aircraft’s speed, the rate of precipitation and aircraft systems
  • Braking causes more trickles to run down the windscreen
  • Dynamic windshield dirt simulation including bug splatter tuned to occur only in the correct atmospheric conditions, seasons and over land mass
  • Dramatic St Elmo’s Fire simulation

FSL is also planning to migrate these features to their A320-X aircraft. Their next project is the A321-X.

A319-X is available for $39.95 ($10.00 savings) for a short period of time. Purchase here.

Icing recreation example by FSL forum user Daniel.

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