ProsimA320 1.12 Release


July 5 2018 Release version 1.12
– Adjusted selected speed change over threshold
– Changed FCU minimum selectable altitude in 1000 feet mode to 100 feet
– Fixed incorrect trip/time time field
– Fixes for flightplan sequencing during go around
– Added VNAV altitude errors
– Selecting a new approach should clear entered MDA

– Fixed start fault appearing after engine failure
– Fixed CPC1 fault calling incorrect ECAM page
– Added individual tank pump pressure ECAM faults
– Added NORMAL message after pressing RCL on upper ecam
– STS NORMAL message should only appear temporarily
– Added specific SDAC functionality
– Updated engine start valve display to disappear after 2nd engine start
– Fixed RA invalid signal not functioning when RA are unpowered
– Fixed upper ecam display duplicated on lower ecam for too long after emergency generator recovers power
– Fixes for FCU 1+2 fault
– Fixed wrong fuel flow indications during engine start
– Refined alternate law conditions due to slats locked
– Added options for fire failures requiring 1 or 2 bottles to extinguish

– Fixed TAS and Wind information on ND only shown above certain speeds
– Fixed weather radar tilt was always positive
– Added A FLOOR indication to upper ECAM
– Do not show PFD VDEV when glideslope hold is active

Flight guidance:
– Fix for HDG mode not following preselected heading after discontinuity
– Improved pitch stability in manual flight

– Added support for poldragonet C/B panel
– Fixed IOCP MCDU mappings
– Added missing MCDU MENU key mapping to IOCP MCDU driver
– Added discrete switch input for weather radar gain
– Added poldragonet dome light and reading light support

– Added descend angle to FLPN MCDU page
– Added CHECK MIN DEST FOB message
– Added TOO STEEP PATH fpln line
– Added MORE DRAG message

– Added RDME flags for individual radios to SDK
– Added RDME powered dataref to SDK
– Added SDK variables to control FCU/EFIS states directly
– Added RDME VOR/ADF raw data

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