Safety First #26



Safety First #26

Safety first is published by the Product Safety department.
It is a source of specialist safety information for the use
of airlines who fl y and maintain Airbus aircraft. It is also
distributed to other selected organizations and is available
on digital devices.
Material for publication is obtained from multiple sources
and includes selected information from the Airbus Flight
Safety Confi dential Reporting System, incident and accident
investigation reports, system tests and fl ight tests. Material
is also obtained from sources within the airline industry,
studies and reports from government agencies and other
aviation sources.
All articles in Safety first are presented for information
only and are not intended to replace ICAO guidelines,
standards or recommended practices, operator-mandated
requirements or technical orders. The contents do not
supersede any requirements mand ated by the State of
Registry of the Operator’s aircraft or supersede or amend
any Airbus type-specific AFM, AMM, FCOM, MMEL
documentation or any other approved documentation.
Articles may be reprinted without permission, except where
copyright source is indicated, but with acknowledgement
to Airbus. Where Airbus is not the author, the contents of
the article do not necessarily refl ect the views of Airbus,
neither do they indicate Company policy.
Contributions, comment and feedback are welcome. Enquiries
related to this publication should be addressed to:

Product Safety department (GS)
1, rond point Maurice Bellonte
31707 Blagnac Cedex – France
Fax: +33(0)5 61 93 44 29

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