Airbus Flight Control Unit (FCU) Interfacing

The Thales Airbus A320 FCU has now been interfaced to ProsimA320 and Jeehell FMGS using Cockpit Concept FCU board.


The process was a straight forward plug and play event, however careful preparation was required to ensure all wires were correctly labelled. 28 VDC is required to operate the FCU, and 5 VDC for the integral backlight and instrument display.  The Cockpit Concept board uses a LAN interface so a network switch and 5 VDC power supply is required.


The FCU  has multiple discrete intputs and outputs

Although the Cockpit Board is relatively expensive (subjective), it is well worth the investment because of the ease of use and compatibility with both ProsimA320 and Jeehell FMGS. The FCU is the most complex piece of hardware you will require for your simulator build and extensive programming and debugging was performed to ensure full compatibility with the available avionics software.

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