ProsimA320 Release 1.13


August 2 2018 Release version 1.13
– Added option to engage NAV instead of GA TRK for go around
– Fixed MDA references radio alt intead of air data
– Speed and altitude stability improvements for managed flight
– Improved overspeed logic of managed descend
– Fixed APP NAV mode not capturing NPA descend
– Improved isa calculation to use tropopause
– Improvements in MCDU direct to handling

– Added GPS fault ECAM procedure
– Added VHF/HF transmission ECAM
– Added sys page call inhibit
– Added AP/ATHR failures
– Added C/B popping to IOS

– Improved appearance of PFD FPV
– Improved blinking of E/WS Idle string

Flight guidance:
– Fixed FCU speed may show 0 when pulling speed knob on ground
– Fixed FCU V/S may reset to current V/S when pushing and pulling knob
– Lat managed dot should be on when loc/gs armed
– Fixed stability issue with roll rate
– Fix FCU doing incorrect conversions when trackmode is written with same value through SDK

– Added FDS FCU extra layout option for FD/LS swapped

– Revised MCDU approach/departure RETURN/RETURN END
– Changed in layout to departure/arrival pages and selection of NONE for arrivals/via’s
– Split Thr red alt/accel alt/eoaccel alt for takeoff and GA phases
– Improvements in changing TO waypoint in CDU
– Added INIT A Gnd Temp
– Cosmetic changes to CDU pages

– Added FWC reset to IOS
– ADR Fault buttons renamed in IOS
– Added Adiru SDK variables


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