Sidestick Transducers

Four sidestick transducers were recently acquired (thank you Daniel) from Germany and installed on the OEM sidesticks flight control mechanism.

Sidestick Transducers


On each side stick one transducer is responsible for the pitch (elevator control) and the other for roll (aileron control).

Interfacing the transducer is simply done by connecting the pin outs to a potentiometer input on a joystick (Leo Bodnar) board. There are several pinouts controlling the same axis for redundancy.

Simon has drawn out the pinouts accurately on his schematics. One must be aware there are also logarithmic and linear outputs.

Prosim A320 accounts for the dampers on the sidestick mechanisms and realistic flying with the real sidestick option. There is also a joystick response curve allowing you to set the parameters to your liking.

Sidestick Transducer; each transducer controls one surface axis on the aircraft – roll or pitch

Overall with the transducers installed the aircraft (Prosim flight model) feels responsive and the reactions appropriate. However I have never handled a Airbus aircraft in real life – the real test will be when I can get my Airbus Captain friends to have a go – hopefully their feedback will be positive and the simulator can get their seal of approval.

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