ProSim A320 1.14 Release


August 31 2018 Release version 1.14
First release with support for hardware accelerated displays. This option is off by default. It is found in the ProSim Display configuration screen.
To enable experimental hardware acceleration, enable the option “Use direct2d” and restart ProSimDisplay.

– Approach mode not available if RA 1+2 failed
– FMGC will now ignore entering of duplicate waypoint
– Check for higher cruise alt even for open climb
– Added SPD SEL flag support

– Fuel MODE SEL switch swapped around to pressed state is the auto state
– Added windshear detection to FAC
– Fix flightsurface not moving if controller operational but not powered
– Fixed ECAM status inop sys for RA 1+2 failure
– Add missing ACP lights, switches and buttons
– Fixed DOOR ECAM message not functioning when door failure used
– Fixed issue with bouncing air pressure on ground after reposition
– Fixed after inflight engine start, engines are only available after full start
– Fixed CAT 1 capability not activating when only one PFD is visible
– Don’t show TA ONLY message if switch not in TA/RA position and on the ground
– Added FDUs
– Fixed altn brk fault when parking brake is on during cold and dark startup
– Tuning of system startup times
– Added fire loop testing
– Added FMGC1 C/B
– Added sidestick reversion failures
– Start pack inhibit as soon as engine mode switch is set to Start
– Fixed Pack flow valve to be springloaded so it shows uncommanded position when bleed air pressure low

– Update Display with new fonts and new text handling code
– Tuning of upper ECAM flap block display
– Don’t show wind arrow on ND below 100 kts
– Extended drawing region for ND PLAN mode
– Several weather radar fixes
– Improvements to ND ILS display
– Fixed alignment of FMA first column
– Refined conditions for displaying GLoad on lower ECAM
– Fixed FMA FLX takeoff missing + sign
– Fix for misalignment of text with gray background
– Fixed ECAM Wheel nose wheel steering hydraulic system label does not update when configuration changes between green and yellow source

Flight guidance:
– Fixed some misaligned ILS approaches. Data was read from the navigation database, instead of the installed scenery, which could cause some misalignments
– TCAS mode now first gets armed during a TCAS TA situation
– Enable autothrottle to be armed with levers at idle in the air
– Added reversion mode for level off before thrust reduction altitude

– Fixed reversal of ADR2 and ADR3 switches and indicators for FSCockpit hardware
– Fixed rudder trim display to display single digit when value below 10
– Added sycnhronised blinked of warning lights to prevent auto of sync blinking between left and right

– Report approach descend angles in MCDU FLPN, where available in navigation database
– Added missing * to MCDU DUPLICATE NAMES page
– Allow entry of 360 degrees in MCDU
– CRS clears when new VOR is entered in RAD NAV page
– Added Generic TCP driver to MCDU
– Added screen content of MCDUs to SDK
– Fixed distance to destination (last line on FPLN MCDU page) not displaying correctly when route is not yet completed

– Fixed removing C/B failure in IOS does not reset the C/B
– Changed failure name for pump overheat to elec pump overheat
– Fixed Hardware conversion settings not working when setting switch through SDK


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